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Galia Design is a design studio that specializes in industrial and product design, as well as in a variety of design fields such as interior design, character design, packaging design, graphic design, illustration & art.


At Galia Design, communication and accomplishment are keywords. Understanding my client’s vision and needs from the very beginning is my highest priority, for my main goal is providing with unique and practical design solutions, using my design expertise to bring the client's vision to life, from concept to production.

In many of the projects, I collaborate with a professional team of engineers, manufacturers, vendors and model makers in order to turn your ideas faster and better from concept sketches and realistic media renderings into tangible amazing objects!

In Galia Design, everything is taken into consideration: aesthetics, functionality, safety, ergonomics, materials, technologies and, of course, the costs and methods of the manufacturing process.


Product Design

Furniture, consumer produts, retail, one-off & much more, using latest technologies and materials

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Packaging Design

The best packaging design solutions for your product. From concept to prototype.

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Interior Design

Private living design, commercial store design, exhibition design. 

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Graphic Design

Logo design, branding, illustration, packaging & more

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Character Design

Dolls, drawings, sketches, illustartions & more

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