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Galia Schnadower

Galia Schnadower Industrial Design

Hi, I'm Galia.

I'm an experienced & passionate industrial designer. 

During my career, I've worked in different established product design companies as well as independently,  designing and developing functional products for various markets and clients, guiding the project from concept to production, with a wide knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods. During my Industrial design BA studies, I won two awards for excellence and an awarded scholarship. 

Driven by my adventurous spirit and constant search for knowledge and inspiration, I have lived and traveled in many places around the world: Los Angeles, London, Eindhoven (Netherlands), Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Florence and more, which helped me gain my vast experience in the fields of product design, interior design, packaging design, plastics, prototyping, graphic design, branding and project management. 

In 2006 I decided to open my own product design company and ever since, Galia Design has provided me with the opportunity of creating, innovating, learning and solving challenges for a great variety of clients from all around the world.